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Самые распространенные идиомы с предлогом BY или «BY» idioms

Давайте сегодня рассмотрим идиомы с предлогом BY.

Первая идиома — BY MISTAKE

Вторая идиома — BY CHANCE

Следующая идиома — BY HAND

Еще одна идиома — BY LEAPS AND BOUNDS

Пятая идиома — BY WORD OF MOUTH

Шестая идиома — BY THE BOOK

И седьмая здесь — BY HEART

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Weather Idioms — Идиомы, связанные с погодой

Idiom: A Face Like Thunder

Meaning: To look very angry



Idiom: Be A Breeze

Meaning: To be easy


Idiom: Come Rain or Shine

Meaning: Whatever Happens


Idiom: Save Up For A Rainy Day

Meaning: Put money aside for when you might need it later.


Idiom:  See Which Way The Wind Blows

Meaning: To consider a situation before doing something


Idiom: Blow Hot And Cold

Meaning: To keep changing your attitude.


Idiom: Under the weather

Meaning: Not feeling very well.



Idiom: Under The Cloud

Meaning: If someone is suspected of having done something wrong, they are under a cloud.



Idiom: Brighten Up The Day

Meaning: Something that makes you feel happy all day long.


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Idioms — letter A


Apple of my eye


a person who is treasure for somebody

My little son is an apple of my eye

Young Mother and her Son Picking Apple

As high as a kite

To feel excited about something

I’m as high as a kite cause I have never seen Atlantic ocean before


At the drop of the hat


I asked him for help and he came to me at the drop of the hat


A slap on the wrist

A light punishment

I thought that dad would be angry with me when I came late yesterday. But I got a slap on the wrist

slap on the wrist