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Примеры сопроводительных писем на английском языке

cover letter

Сопроводительное письмо к резюме на английском становится уже must have в наши дни, особенно если мы хотим привлечь внимание работодателя к нашей персоне. Ведь удачное его составление гарантирует на 80%, что нас заметят, напишут, позвонят.

Сейчас мы с вами рассмотрим различные примеры таких писем.

Если специалист обладает большим опытом, например в продажах плюс отличное знание английского, которое он использовал при общении с иностранными клиентами, то сопроводительное письмо будет выглядеть следующим образом:

Good day, Sir/Madam

I am interested in work in company like yours that offers advancement for those who are willing to work hard. Your company is one of the top companies in the world, which works to develop innovative solutions and business practices that keep your company, your customers, and your suppliers at the forefront of the industry

My CV is enclosed for your consideration. It offers my qualifications and experience in details; however, I have outlined below what I believe to be my most relevant qualifications for work: 

1.Sales experience — I have eight years’ sales experience with foreign and domestic customers in metallurgical industry.  

At Metinvest-Ukraine LTD, I have contacted with 80 companies in my database (mostly with general managers), which helped me to improve the performance of sales in the domestic market due to increased sales plan by 10%, increased share of the company in the steel plates market in assortment, developed a system of personal initiatives, attracted new customers of prospective markets and offered deferred payment terms for key account clients. 

At Leman Commodities S.A., I had 50 customers-well-know manufacturing companies from Egypt, Turkey, Middle East, Far East and Europe. I set their work regarding issuance letters of credits, their modifications, control over the supply of material on time, control of receipt of funds before delivery of the goods. Over all, thanks to my strong relationships with customers I have increased cash flow plan over 25% during my work there.

And I took into account different cultures, religions of customers which I have worked for. 

2.Ability to multi-task — More than one head of the department has told me that he appreciates the fact that I am a quick learner and hard worker. I know how to prioritize job assignments, work independently and resolve problems on my own. And in the same time I used to work in team of high professionals. I am organized, responsible and detail-oriented and can find effective solutions to get the job done.

3.Excellent communication skills — I have extensive experience dealing with the public since I have worked in the customer service industry for eight years. In my current position, I am in charge of maintaining good relationships with 80 corporate clients. This requires interaction with corporate executives on a daily basis, often assisting them to resolve problems and conflicts regarding their services and products placed with our company. Throughout my career, I have often had to deal with irate and angry customers and clients. From this experience, I have learned how to smooth their ruffled feathers with tact so that good relations can be maintained.

4.Excellent spoken, written English, native Russian and basic French.

Taking all above into account, I do beleive that I will be excellent candidate for sales manager position in your company.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Looking forward to hear you soon. 

Best wishes, Tetyana Laktionova


Хочу отметить, что первый абзац необходим в том случае, если вы претендуете на позицию в известных, крупных компаниях, в остальных случаях можно приступить сразу к делу.

В каждом пункте вы указываете не только ваши самые сильные стороны, а то, как они могут подойти к требованиям работодателя. Сопроводительное письмо не сочинение, а краткая и полезная выдержка из вашего резюме, которое дает понять, что именно Вы самый лучший и достойный кандидат.

В самом сильном навыке нашего примера указаны достижения в этой области, что является ваши козырем при отборе.


Вот еще один пример краткого письма уже на ваканисю переводчика. Так как сопроводительное письмо является деловым письмом, то на него распространяются те же правила. По ссылке вы можете увидеть какие именно.

Good day, Mr. Smith

My CV is enclosed for your consideration. It offers my qualifications and experience in details; however, I have outlined below what I believe to be my most relevant qualifications for this position with your company:

1.Fluent English, interpreting of negotiations with foreign customers and written translation of legal, economic and finance documents from English to Russian and vice versa.

2.Relevant and respective knowledge in technical field thanks to 8 years experience in steel industry.

3.Excellent communication skills.

4.I have clean driving license.

Taking into account all above, I do believe I would be an excellent candidate for  position English Translator in your company.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Looking forward to hear you soon.


Best wishes,

Tetyana Laktionova


Надеюсь информация была полезной.

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